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Testosterone Replacement Therapy In Washington Township, NJ

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for maintaining men’s bone density, fat distribution, muscle mass, physical strength, body hair, and more. In most cases, testosterone peaks during early adulthood and then begins gradually declining. In some individuals, testosterone therapy is necessary to keep testosterone at appropriate levels. A number of issues can arise that may bring about the need for TRT. If you live in New Jersey and have experienced any of the following challenges, you may be a great candidate for testosterone replacement therapy at Elite Health Center.

Physical Changes

Everyone’s bodies change as they age, but you’ll notice significant and seemingly abnormal changes if you need testosterone therapy. You may see an increase in body fat or a decrease in muscle bulk and strength, even if you haven’t changed your diet or workout regimen. Though you might not notice it on your own, you may have lower bone density, which a TRT specialist can test for you. You may also experience swollen and tender areas around your chest, known as gynecomastia, as well as a reduction in body hair. One sure sign that you should look into testosterone replacement therapy is reduced energy.

Emotional Changes

Aging can bring about a slew of emotional changes and new feelings, but substantial changes in your emotional state need to be addressed. Many New Jersey residents who get testosterone therapy report a big improvement in their emotional and mental health after the TRT. Before getting testosterone replacement therapy, you might feel sad or depressed more than normal or for no apparent reason, and you might experience a big decrease in your confidence, motivation, and mental stamina. You might also struggle with concentrating and you may feel more forgetful. All these things are signs of low testosterone and should you experience them, you should consult the New Jersey testosterone therapy experts at Elite Health Center.

Decrease In Sexual Drive & Function

One of the biggest indicators that you need TRT is a decrease in your sex drive. While some decrease is normal in aging men, a substantial change can mean that you need testosterone replacement therapy sooner rather than later. Your desire for sexual intimacy may decrease, you may begin experiencing infertility, and you may experience fewer spontaneous erections. To learn more about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or to set up a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for testosterone therapy, contact the experts at Elite Health Center in New Jersey.






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