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“Elite’s program has allowed me to get closer to my goal weight than ever before! I started out rocky, but Lauren quickly let me know why I was doing this, and how I would get results!”
– Lystra David

“I’ve always struggled with my weight and this is the first program that has really worked for me! I’m so happy with my results and I can really say this has changed me. Elite health is always very supportive and is always there when needed. Highly recommend!”
– Alexa, Google Review

“I Started on November first the program with Elite Health Center my life change I lost 22 lbs in a short period of time and in a very healthy way. I learn to eat healthy and never feel hungry. The B12 is amazing!!! and the meal replacement/ Snack option are delicious.”
– LC

“I came across this program online and I am so happy I did. My metabolism has been completely reset and gave me that added boost to this new healthy lifestyle.”
– HL


DR. OZ Approves the HCG Diet

Watch this video to find out why HCG is so incredibly effective in helping your body burn fat fast & keeping the weight off long term!



Medical Weight Loss Customized For Each Individual: If you live in Bronx, New York, and want to lose weight fast, then let the health experts at Elite Fast Weight Loss in Manhattan help you achieve your weight loss goal. We customize your weight loss plan, complete with a specialized diet and weight loss options specific to your needs that will guarantee you experience fast weight loss. It is our personal desire to help you achieve weight loss so that you spend less time worrying about your weight and more time enjoying all that life has to offer. No matter what lifestyle you lead, Elite Health Center specializes in providing Lipotropic Injections, HCG diets, appetite suppressants, and more to ensure you lose weight fast. For more information about how medical weight loss can help you, schedule a consultation with our weight loss specialists. Don’t wait to begin living life again, schedule an appointment today.

Affordable Weight Loss Specials: Our weight loss programs are guaranteed to be affordable for your budget. Specials include a preliminary medical weight loss evaluation with a knowledgeable weight loss specialist as well as fat burning injections, prescription medication to help you lose weight fast, and a free follow up visit with a specialist at our Bronx medical weight loss center. If you are ready to begin your weight loss journey, then call us today!

Experienced Diet Specialists in Bronx: The medical weight loss experts at Elite Fast Weight Loss have an incredible knowledge of the inner workings of the HCG diet and how it can help you achieve fast weight loss. These on-site specialists can prescribe both HCG and Phentermine as well as any other medications to help you lose the weight fast. For a consultation to see if you qualify, call Elite Fast Weight Loss in The Bronx. As soon as you are cleared to begin, our coordinator will get you started on a weight loss plan. Click the button below to learn more about the HCG diet.

It’s Not a Diet. It’s a Lifestyle.

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